Tastes of “Classic” Gelato

The simplicity of the ingredients

When the period of the year is favorable we have chosen to use the raw milk of a small “Farm” near the shop (Milk at Km 0) which adopts rigorous standards on breeding and milking procedures. In the remaining period, however, we use High quality milk and cream.
The milk and cream and eggs are then internally pasteurized by us in a latest generation Pasteurizer from Carpigiani.

The ingredients we use for our ice cream are exclusively:

  • Whole milk
  • Fresh cream
  • Fresh eggs
  • Sugars

  • Bourbon Vanilla Berry from Madagascar
  • Natural mineral water with low sodium content (for all sorbets)

  • As the only thickeners Carob flour and Xanthan

We don’t use


  • Hydrogenated fats, which, at low cost, confer solidity and long life to the product at the expense of the consumer’s health.

  • Synthesis emulsifiers (Mono-Diglycerides) usually used to make up for the lack of some noble ingredients and used to improve the stability and structure of some foods.

  • Synthetic dyes

  • Artificial Flavors.

Sorbet of Fruit

For all fruit Gelato we choose the Sorbet Technique: we only use fruit, natural mineral water, sugars and a few grams per kg of natural thickeners. Nothing else. With a high percentage of fruit (over 50%), the absence of dairy products and other animal fats, dyes and flavorings, our gelato enhances the aroma of the fruit while maintaining its original connotation and satisfying the needs Lactose intolerant, Vegetarians and Vegans and to those who choose a low-fat diet.